Our INT Story

About INT

The Institute for National Transformation (INT) was launched in Lagos, Nigeria in September 2007, after Professor Vincent Anigbogu and his team received a two weeks training on the Moral principles for National Transformation from Dr. Sunday Adelaja who is the patron of INT.

Professor Vincent Anigbogu serves as the International Director General and his wife Mrs. Peggy Anigbogu serves as the Chief Administrator of INT International.

INT Vision

The Transformation of Families, Organizations, Communities, and Nations to Their Highest Levels of Performance and Achievement.

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INT Mission

To Raise Values- Based, No-Excuse Leaders of Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence Who Will Transform Their Families, Organizations, Communities, and Nations.

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INT Core values are: Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence (RICE).

This connotes that INT aims to produce graduates known for their responsibility in action, integrity in character, compassion in outlook and excellence in program execution.

The goals and objectives of the institute shall include and not be limited to:

a. Improve the moral strength of Africa's workforce by conducting regular trainings, seminars, and workshops on productive culture of integrity leadership and quality management competencies.

b.Promote personal and collective responsibility towards the development of individuals, families, organizations, communities, nations and ultimately Africa.

c. Develop curricula that will produce CHANGE AGENTS who will exhibit three major characteristics;

I. Lead themselves through active, consistent and challenging self development journey.

II. Pursue careers in public and private sectors, academic institutions as well as national and international agencies and help lead these groups to their highest level of performance and achievement.

III. Engage actively and collaboratively with other groups towards the achievement of community, national and continental transformation.

d. Provide training and expert advice to public and private sector organisations in the areas of integrity leadership and Quality Management principles.

e. Strengthen cultural mindsets that promote transparency and accountability in government and business environments with the aim to totally eradicate corruption.

f. Build personal and organizational capacities through tailored skills development using seminars, workshops, conferences and coaching programs.

g. Support civil society groups to strengthen their ability to fulfil their objectives.

h. Build the capacity of local organizations and faith-based organizations to increase public awareness of principles of practice of democracy, ethics of hard-work, discipline, and economic independence through self-development and entrepreneurship.

i. Conduct bi-annual national conference on National Transformation Leadership during which citizens within the country, who have modeled integrity leadership and quality management lifestyle are recognized.

j. Establish strategic partnerships with governmental, educational, international agencies, corporate organizations with whom we share common passion and vision.