Good to Great Management Systems

Good to Great Management Systems


  1. To understand that mediocrity can be conquered and EXCELLENCE can be achieved
  2. To understand how to get superb results in your organisation
  3. To understand the NUMBER 1 proven factor in creating superb organisation
  4. To understand the connection between the Hedgehog concept and your strategic advantage
  5. To demonstrate why Level 4 leaders can achieve goodresults and level 5 leaders always achieve consistent great results
  6. To understand how to create sustainable systems that create commercial Breakthroughs


Entrepreneurs, Business Executives & Managers, Human Resource Executives, Coaches, School owners and Teachers, Church Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Organisation Leaders and Employment seekers


N80,000 per Person/Module
N70,000 for Group of 5 People/Module
For C-Suite, Call +2348035802659