Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course

Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course


Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course (OSELC) is a six-modular course with 30 lectures designed to equip one for transformational leadership. Participants read 5 required books, watch documentaries, movies, and conduct many case studies, all leading to packaging a personal and group project for actual involvement in societal transformation. It runs one weekend a month (Friday and Saturday) during the season of offer. The course is at graduate level and requires analytical skill.


1.To examine leadership paradigms and their consequences
2.To examine different models of nation building principles and from that, understand what Africa can do to develop in this season
3.To delve into the characteristics of transformational leaders and the soft skills they must develop to be effective
4.To design a personal and a group project for individual and collective expression of lessons learnt, and way forward for actual involvement in societal transformation.


Module I - Understanding History – Making A Case for Paradigm Shift
Module II - Creating an Enabling Environment
Module III - Maturing into Transformational Leadership
Module IV - Developing Soft Skills
Module V - Infrastructural Systems - Establishing a Culture of Discipline
Module VI - Project Reports and Presentation


Executives: Senior and Mid-Level Managers from Public, Private and Non-governmental organizations, Business owners, Heads of Churches, Heads of Departments, Politicians, Leaders in any field, Parents.


N250,000 per Person/6 Modules (One-Off ayment)
N270,000 per Person/6 Modules (Installment Over 4 Months)