INT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Click to View)

1How can one be trained in the Institute?
One can be trained by either registering for one of the regular courses that hold at the INT training centres. The other option is to invite an INT team to train your group at your chosen site. Cost of training depends on who provides venue, feeding, and lodging.
2Does INT award degree certificates?
INT does not award degree programmes but we plan to do so in the future. Those that successfully complete INT curses are awarded certificates.
3Can I use my Institute's certificate to find a job?
The certificate is a recognition that you completed the course. It will enhance your job opportunity for an organisation looking for someone with leadership understanding. However, it does not replace your degrees.
4Can Africa be changed? Is it possible?
Yes, Africa can change for the best. Studies have shown that what limits people groups from developing is their paradigm or worldview. If you change their worldview through training, then you can change their world. For Africa to change, we must change the way we view ourselves, our world, and the others. Lee Kuan Yew, the late former Prime Minister in his book, From Third World to First, wrote: “…. we had to train our people and equip them to provide First World standards of service. I believed this was possible, that we could re-educate and re-orientate our people with help of schools, trade unions, community centres, and social organizations…. [and] get our people to change their Third World habits”.
5Shouldn’t the training be directed to the national leaders who are making the critical decisions that affect our lives? Why me?
The truth is that everyone has a role to play in nation building, though some have more part to play than others. In any given generation, there are three categories of leadership: 1) Leaders in rulership; 2) Support leaders in rulership; and 3) Emerging leaders in the making. For society to progress and be sustained, these three cadres of leadership must, at all times, be effective in executing their job descriptions. Besides, fortune is preparations meeting opportunity.
6Are leaders born or made?
Both! Leaders are born and made. They are born with the seed of leadership in them which must be nurtured and groomed to maturity through coaching, teaching, training, and mentorship at appropriate times in the seasons of their lives. Therefore, technically, everybody is a leader.
7What are your graduates doing?
INT has trained over 1500 students in the Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course (Oak Seeds) and many are engaged in public and private service. Many are running their INT Projects which include: schools, businesses, NGOs, political careers, hospitals, Churches, etc.
8Do you have an alumni association?
The Alumni of the institute interact regularly on social media. In addition, they meet internationally every two years to interact face-to-face during the International Alumni Conference hosted by different nations.
9Is the Institute affiliated with the government?
The Institute is a not affiliated with any government. It is a non-governmental (NGO) body that collaborates with public, private, and other non-governmental bodies at all levels.
10How much are the courses?
Each centre charges according to the standard decided by the country leadership to cover the cost for each level of courses. Please call the centre of your choice to inquire the cost for the course you are interested in.
11What difference will any of the courses do for me personally?
Leadership is a gap missing in the world today, especially in Africa. The Basic Leadership will help you see the possibility of transformation in your society. It's an igniter while the Advance Leadership Course takes you deeper in understanding of how leadership works and how to apply the Basic Leadership principles. The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course further changes you from inside out. It expands your capacity to understand leadership starting with changing your values to become an effective leader and then arms you with the principles to provide effective leadership in your specific spheres of influence. It is revolutionary and an experience of a lifetime.