We are committed to placing informed and passionate leaders in every sphere of society to proffer real solutions to problems in our fast-changing world.

The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course (OSELC) in combination with the History Makers Training is a seven-module course with 39 lectures designed to equip participants for transformational leadership. This is a Graduate Level Course and requires critical thinking and analytical skills. The History Makers Training 1 (HMT-1) focuses on developing the personal discipline and character traits necessary for becoming ultimately, the transformational leader of impact in the seven spheres of the society - Politics & Governance, Education, Business & Economy, Media & Communication, Family (including social services), Religion, Celebration (Arts & Culture, Sports & Entertainment).
Participants will be made to take the following responsibilities:
  • Participate actively in class discussions and dialogue
  • Read required texts
  • Watch documentaries and movies
  • Conduct many case studies
  • Package personal and group projects for actual involvement in societal transformation.

Our Course Objectives

  1. Learn the skills and behaviour needed to function effectively as transformational leaders in the spheres of influence.
  2. Examine history and the different operating leadership paradigms and their consequences in nation building.
  3. Explore different models of nation building principles and from that, propose what Africa can do to develop in this season.
  4. Develop and execute transformational projects for personal and collective expression of knowledge gained as way forward for actual involvement in societal transformation.

Course Delivery

The content is grouped into seven modules and there are six lecture topics under each of the first five modules offered online with a first-class Virtual Learning Environment.
The History Makers Training 1 (HMT-1) is the sixth module, which runs as a residential three-day intensive learning adventure that focuses on developing the personal discipline and character traits necessary to become a transformational leader of impact. The concluding seventh module is the online project presentation module.
The academic content is specifically designed to challenge participants to think about the major challenges African nations face and the potential solutions within their spheres of influence.

How We Facilitate

The facilitation is highly interactive and is designed to stimulate new and innovative ways of thinking to enable participants make result-oriented decisions. Movies and documentaries are used to enhance the learning experience.
Each participant is helped to develop a project that captures their individual and collective experience and direct application of knowledge gained towards their life aspirations, leading to actual involvement in societal transformation at various levels.
The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course offers participants the opportunity to be inspired, to learn and to develop networks which will form a springboard for a productive transformational vocation in formal and informal forums. 

Thematic Areas

Our leaders will be trained in integrity leadership and quality management principles covering the following thematic areas each encapsulating six lectures and a movie/documentary:
• Understanding History – Making A Case for Paradigm Shift
• Creating an Enabling Environment
• Maturing into Transformational Leadership
• Developing Soft Skills
• Infrastructural Systems - Establishing a Culture of Discipline

Course Duration

The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course runs third weekend (Saturday & Sunday) once a month online for five months (from 9:00 am -5:00 pm GMT+1 on Saturdays and 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm on Sundays). The sixth month is a three-day residential History Makers Training 1 (HMT-1) module. The course concludes with online project presentation in the seventh month.

Time Commitment

Participants will be required to attend all the online lectures during the two full weekend days of teaching blocks every month. In extreme cases where participants might not be able to participate in a class (with approved advance notice - only permitted once), recorded sessions may be made available.
Attendance of the residential History Makers training module is compulsory. Date and venue of the training will be communicated to participants in advance.

Who We Encourage to take OSELC

Anyone with graduate-level education from a tertiary institution of learning can take The Oak Seed Executive Leadership Course. More especially, mid-level to senior management leaders from the private, public and non-governmental sectors who have passion for the transformation of their institutions and communities will benefit from attendance of this course.

Learning Assessment & Graduation

Each session will be assessed through a combination of objective (multiple choice) and written assignments. Participants will write and execute transformational projects in their spheres of influence before the end of the Course. These projects are for direct application of knowledge gained.
Attendance, including student forum participation and completion of assignments and projects, count toward graduation assessment. Participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a Certificate of Graduation by the Institute.

2022 Course Schedule

Below is the schedule of classes for 2022



1st Stream


Module 1 (online)

29 & 30 January

9:00am  - 5:00pm GMT+1 on Saturdays

12:00 noon  - 8:00pm GMT+1 on Sundays

Module 2 (online)

19 & 20 February

Module 3 (online)

19 & 20 March

Module 4 (online)

23 & 24 April

Module 5 (online)

21 & 22 May

History Makers Training (Residential in Lagos, Nigeria)

15 - 18 September

Arrival 8:00am GMT+1 on Thursday

Departure 8:00am GMT+1 on Sunday




Our Curriculum

OSELC academic content is grouped into six modules with first five encapsulating six lecture topics, group discussions and a movie/documentary screening session. Below is the outline of the themes covered under each module with lecture topics enclosed.


Course Fees: N400,000 or $1,000.

Fees cover the following:
  1. Tuition for all online and onsite teaching content
  2. Electronic copies of required textbooks and course materials
  3. Lodging, feeding and tea breaks for 3-day residential HMT training
  4. Graduation certificate
This Course Fees do not include
  1. Personal cost of transportation to training venue for physical HMT session
  2. Physical copies of required textbooks