Top Executive Leadership Course

About this Course


The Top Executive Leadership and Management Competencies Course (TETLC) is a special one-year course designed for top management leaders from business, governmental and non-governmental sectors and religious institutions.
Each module is a residential, all expense-paid 3-day program specially designed to broaden the participants’ mindset/paradigm, improve their leadership and management competencies, and strengthen the structure, efficiency, and integrity of their organizational leadership structure, and heighten their social responsibility towards national transformation. The class meets three days per 8 weeks) during which 50 lecture topics are covered.

Expected Course Outcome

  •  A drastic mindset shift from transactional, unproductive hunter paradigm to transformational, productive farmer-paradigm;
  • An improved understanding of the critical role of each employee/member leadership position in achieving overall organizational goals and objectives;
  • An enhanced self-discipline of leadership and employees/members through the establishment of self-development system;
  • An enhanced efficiency and productivity of the leaders through intentional capacity enlargement and multitasking training and deliberate inculcation of discipline of hard work and technique of quality management service required to attain higher organizational goals and objectives;
  • An enhanced appreciation  of the privileged opportunity of having a platform to perform and prove oneself both in the organizational setting as well as in our nation;
  • An enhanced sense of patriotism and responsibility to our nations and Africa through the satisfaction of building people, organizations, and nations that have lasting values thereby leaving a legacy worthy of emulation by the future generation
The cost per module is N500,000.00 per participant or N1,500,000.00 per participant for the five modules.
The fee covers the following:
  • Manual with lecture handouts;
  • Required textbooks for the module or modules;
  • Bed and breakfast for four days;
  • Dinner for four nights;
  • Lunch for three days;
  • Two tea breaks every day for three days;
  • A well packed set of audio CDs of the lectures (DVDs are extra cost);
  • Internet access for four days (must bring your own laptop);
  • The five modules meet partial requirements for Post-Graduate Diploma at Federal University Oye, Ekiti, Nigeria;
  • The five modules meet partial requirements for a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management Studies at Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.