Director General’s Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech

Director General, Institute for National Transformation

You are welcome to the INT website. Established on September 15, 2007, the Institute for National Transformation (INT) envisions a transformed Africa by 2030.

In the book: Good to Great, Professor Jim Collins and his research team observed that to take an organization from a good status to greatness requires disciplined people, disciplined thinking, and disciplined placement and action in that order. In other words, real and lasting change begins with principled people; skill is important but secondary to character.

Corruption in our societies are endemic and has affected economic growth in many African nations. For example, a study revealed that cost of corruption in Nigeria could rise to 37% of GDP by 2030 if it’s not dealt with immediately. This cost is equated to around $1,000 per person in 2014 and nearly $2,000 per person by 2030 ( The IMF study referenced in the PwC research estimates that the impact of 1-point change in the corruption index results in a 1.2 -percentage point change in economic growth per annum.

In describing the secrets to Singapore’s development, Lee Kuan Yew, the late former Prime Minister in his book, From Third World to First, wrote: “…. we had to train our people and equip them to provide First World standards of service. I believed this was possible, that we could re-educate and re-orientate our people with help of schools, trade unions, community centres, and social organizations…. [and] get our people to change their Third World habits”. Changing the “third world habits” means shifting mind-sets from corrupt and unproductive mentality to that based on integrity, productivity, and innovation. This was achieved through intensive and deliberate re-orientation training programmes deployed on formal, non-formal, and informal education platforms. This attests to the fact that human capital development is the step that determines the rate at which a nation is transformed.

For Africa to transform and experience economic growth, there must be a deliberate effort to raise disciplined and skilled people across the continent. INT has set a target to train by 2025, about twenty-one thousand (21000) individuals, especially the youths, in value reorientation, basic leadership skills so that they can make some positive contribution to nation building. We invite you to join us in this campaign by:

1) Register and be trained in one of our courses at various centres;

2) Arrange for a group to be trained at INT Centres or at any site of your choice;

3) Sponsor others by making a contribution to INT which will be used to train youths across the nations.

Africa must arise to her destiny and it requires the efforts of all of us.

God bless you.